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" And the day when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."


Anais Nin.







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Shamanism retreats are unique in that we offer a powerful combination of teachings, in the areas of shamanism, expressive arts and movement/ecstatic dance. This gives a synergy of experience that helps support wholeness and profound personal growth.  


Led by UK based Shamanic Expressive arts teacher Natasha Saltzer, our retreats are open to adults of all levels of experience.


If there was one word to sum up our retreats it would be NOURISHMENT - because we believe that nothing quite beats the gift of nourishment to ourselves.  When people allow themselves to be nourished on every level - magic happens in their lives.  We facilitate the space to not only escape from the stresses and strains of modern life, but most importantly to come back home to self and balanced vitality.  


We see each retreat as a wonderful, exciting journey, where like-minded people come together to enhance their lives and flood themselves with inspiration.


We form a circle, a tribe, with a sense of being one strong heart, one courageous family and out of that unified support for each other - we can blossom and flourish. Like a tree we can become grounded in the earth, with our branches reaching to the sky, where we can connect to the riches of our higher selves


Through the spirit of friendship, kinship with all living things, we hope helps to create a friendly and down to earth atmosphere on our retreats, so that each participant feels welcomed as a friend and leave as family.























Our Shamanism  retreats are graded as SILVER and GOLD.  Silver retreats offer a more affordable retreat and the Gold offer a more luxury, exotic retreat choice. Both types of retreats offer the same high standard of teaching and facilitation by Natasha Saltzer.



It was important to us that anyone who wished to experience the magic and life changing transformations of our retreats could do so.  Our Silver retreats give us the means to open our retreats to people from all walks of life.  Our silver  retreats centres are carefully sourced to offer a wonderful experience at a more cost-effective price.  They are down to earth, beautiful yet humble and  set in places of breath-taking wild scenery and have a positive energy. They offer a mix of  shared and single accommodation, depending on the accommodation options and operate on a community spirit of sharing, with participants contributing in small ways, to the more practical elements of co-living together during the retreat duration.  These retreats give a real sense of intimacy, family and shared experience .



Our Gold retreats are set in in world class retreat centres,  in beautiful, inspiring places, world wide.  They are for those who prefer a little luxury, their own private room and being catered for by renowned chefs.  These retreats are a larger financial investment then our Silver retreats, but the guests will feel divinely pampered, whilst experiencing all the retreat teachings and adventures.



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