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SACRED FEMININE, a six night residential shamanic retreat, in Snowdonia, Wales. Held in a beautiful chapel, next to an ancient oak forest, with mountain views.  Open to both women and men, those new to the path and those seeking to go deeper on their own shamanic path.

After our previous sell out retreat, Shamanism Retreats welcome you to come and join us for our next retreat, a MUDDY TOE'S and SPARKLING EYE'S adventure





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The Sacred Feminine Summer retreat, led by Natasha Saltzer, weaves a powerful synergy of shamanism, movement meditation and the expressive arts. This unique life-changing experience aims to help each partipant awaken, heal and honour the Sacred feminine within themselves. The retreat also includes a local day-trip hike to the beautiful stone circle Bryn Cader Faner, one of the wonders of pre-historic Wales, where we will hold a Sacred Feminine shamanic ceremony.


Do you feel the calling to reconnect with the Sacred feminine within yourself, to enter a more 'being' state and emerse yourself in the natural world? Do you have a longing for wild water swimming, outdoor fires and starry skies, lying down amongst ancient rocks, held in the grace of wise, loving ancient oaks? Would you like to laugh, move your body, sing from your soul, walk in stunning landscapes, pray from the heart, feel the healing power of ritual and ceremony, open your being to the wisdom of ancient indigenous teachings and be inspired by new medicine teachings being gifted by spirit for these times?


Mother earth is waiting to sit with you, to reconnect on a new and deeper level, to help you surrender what is ready to release, to empower you to live your own uniqueness, with complete love and acceptance for yourself.


The Sacred Feminine is calling to be healed and honoured within ourselves and on a planetary level. We live in a world of duality between the forces of the Sacred feminine and the Sacred masculine, both are two sides of the same coin, each one as fundamental as each other. We are human 'beings' and the Sacred Feminine understands the importance of... being. When we can give equal value to the energetic state of BEING, as well as the energetic state of DOING, we will come into greater balance and harmony. When we are in a being state the positive qualities most associated with the Sacred feminine can begin to emerge....unconditional love, receptivity, nurturing, contemplation, intuition, healing, embracing, empathy, birthing the new, understanding, deep listening and primal power. These feminine qualities exist in all humans.






Imagine being able to eat delicious foods, move your body in ways that make you feel good, walk outdoors bare-foot, let yourself play and create, listen to the wisdom of your intuition, share from the heart, feel a greater appreciation for the beauty of life.






 June 3rd - 9th 2017, Harlech, Snowdonia, Wales, UK.


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Held in the stunning and magical Snowdonian landscapes.





Whats included in the retreat:


* Exclusive use of the retreat centre.

* Accommodation, bedding and towels. (shared rooms)

* High vibrational vegetarian food and drinks.

* Medicine Shamanic teaching, both indigenous shamanic teaching and personally channelled teachings by Natasha Saltzer.

* Expressive arts: intuitive self-expression through somatic movement, sound/writing/drawing.

* Movement explorations to connect with the wisdom of the body mind and bring healing to the energies/stories held in the body. Movement will take place in the studio and outside in places of natural wildness and power places, such as ancient forests, unspoilt sandy beaches and power places.

* Movement meditations to give space for personal expression, body wisdom and freedom to dance what ever needs to be moved and released.

* Meditation; sitting, walking and dynamic meditations.

* Ceremonies and rituals for self healing, self-empowerment and thanks giving.

* Shamanic journeying

* Medicine sacred, power songs and healing expressive voice work.

* Mini vision quest.

* Outdoor fire circle.

* Powerful release tools for helping to clear the past, stuck energies that are no longer serving your highest potential.

* A local day-trip, hike and shamanic ceremony to the stone circle Bryn Cader Faner, one of the wonders of pre-historic Wales.

"Natasha is conscientious and full of passion for her calling. Anyone who sits in circle with her will benefit from her teachings, guidance and support - all much needed teachings in today's world!" Nadia Hosein









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