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"Natasha is conscientious and full of passion for her calling. Anyone who sits in circle with her will benefit from her teachings, guidance and support - all much needed teachings in today's world!" Nadia Hosein


"Attending the Wild Soul retreat last year was a profound experience. I found Natasha's teaching insightful and the whole week was held with compassion, joy, care and understanding.


It was powerful to share experiences with like minded people the laughter and the tears, to be feel safe enough to be open and allow healing and transformation to take place, I felt very supported by the group. I learnt a lot about myself and have learnt to let go of looking back at a past in a way that isn't helpful, I've let go of some guilt and have got a new perspective so my soul being can thrive.


I found the days input to be thought provoking, varied and enjoyable, yet there was a relaxed pace to it all. Natasha was very gifted in tuning in to what the group needed. I would hugely recommend this experience and I'm definitely planning to do another retreat with Natasha in the future."

















"This retreat could not have come at a better time.  In addition to adjusting to retirement and the loss of my sight I was also undergoing a major personal transition that had added to my sense of vulnerability and affected my mood. Almost from the moment I arrived I felt I was entering a friendly, safe and very special  place. The centre and its surroundings were  beautiful.  Natasha and my fellow travellers were all supportive and kind. The retreat was relaxed and yet took us on a deep spiritual journey.


It is hard to put into words how the magic worked. By the end my mood had lifted and an inner sense of confidence and calm washed over me. The climb up mount Snowdon was not just a spiritual metaphor and physical challenge. The climb also broke the negative hold that my sight loss had on me. It showed me there is always hope and a way.


Several months on the effects have  stayed with me and I feel like a new person I learned a great deal about shamanism and have a longing to return to the forest and the hills for some more teachings."



"My week on the June 2016 Natash Saltzers Wildsoul retreat was an amazing start to shamanic healing and my journey.  I was with 11 other beautiful souls on the retreat which made it very special for me.  Ive learn't to Mediate on different levels, connect with my inner child, to love my true self, to connect with nature as we are one, listen to my inner self, stay true to myself and how I feel and so much more.........

Natasha through the week showed her natural ability to connect with people.  She has a kind soul and a deep compassion to help others.  She also showed a true deligance and dedication bringing good heart energy to her shamanic beliefs/healing and the power it gives to help others as it has helped her through her own journey.  She brought fun, laughter and song to us reminding us its good for the soul.  She also used nature as a teacher and the connection we have with it also giving thanks and gratitude.

Natasha's year's of training in shamanic healing is a credit to her and her ability to share that with others in the wounderful way she does.

I give thanks and gratitude to her for passing her gift on and helping me and others with there journey."








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Sharing my poem of our retreat.


The chapel stands white and still.

As gleaming quartz on mossy hill.

Towering oaken watchers gaze,

from lofty misty hidden haze,

upon the weary travelers.


Twelve souls have come from East and South,

to tell their tales by word of mouth.

Then with newly gathered text

to start the telling of the next,

new volume of their stunning lives.


Instinct draws the forest near.

Its hidden dwellers called to hear.

A new chord in the song of life.

Twelve notes ring out, clear and bright.

Morning sun come take my pain.


The lonely house now rings with voice.

The air is rich with flute and spice.

Spirits rise from West and East,

to join the song and bless the feast.

From North and South and deep beneath.


Candle light and smoky sage,

A living shrine stands center stage.

Drum and rattle, song and dance.

Please guard and grant a second chance.

Sunset on the greeting day.


Cleansing rain falls fresh and fast.

Its droplets free unwanted past.

With gathered words the stories tell,

of layer on layer of painted shell,

and peel away the unseen mask.


Round the gathered, teachings flow

in wider circles grow and grow.

Deep mysteries of the unseen world,

the spiral lessons soon uncurled.

And bless the pilgrim travelers


Grandma moon grows full and strong.

Greeting Lithers solar song.

With shouts of hope and love and vow

To end the old and start the now.

The logs blaze into the night


Now is time for worlds to meet.

The elemental spirits greet,

the seekers in their circles stone.

With knowledge from beyond the known

The hidden forest gateway calls.


The mighty Snowdon white and tall,

hears the seeking pilgrim's call.

For strength and help, to show the way,

and see with eyes set far away.

Upon her distant airy peak.


Her summit feels the weary feet.

Of climbers with their burdens great.

To joyful song their loads are shed.

With golden sunset blessed are led,

to hearth and rest and home and bed.


With party cheer and joy and fun.

The questing circles work is done.

Sunshine, singing, sand and beach.

The journeys end the travelers reach.

Hearts reflect on distance come.


The door is closed at Chapel white.

To home the travelers turn their sight.

The spiral path loops to an end.

From mossy hill they all descend.

The ancient forest quietly waits.


Paris Nolan

















"I met Natasha in a healing evening and was invited to a shamanic week in Snowdonia. It sounded interesting and different to what I was used to.

I went with an open mind and was hoping the energies would be high, indeed they were,


I thoroughly enjoyed the week and the company.

The week was well organised by Natasha, Her family also helped and made us all feel at home.

A very good shamanic week, I have booked to go in November and will book for Snowdonia."





"I attended a Shamanic Retreat in Harlech, Wales in June 2016.  I hadn’t met the organiser, Natasha Saltzer before, but felt a strong desire to be there.  I had only attended shamanic day events before and wanted to experience something different.  I wasn’t disappointed.

The occasion was appropriately named Wild Soul Retreat.  A small group of like-minded people gathered together in a beautiful converted chapel in North Wales where our journey began!

Natasha had lovingly arranged the house and I instantly relaxed, excited about our week ahead.  All the rooms were clean and everyone’s dietary needs were catered for.  No one was left hungry!

We were lucky with the weather and spent a mixture of time inside and out.  I loved the shamanic chanting, bringing in the four elements, journeying and time spent on the beach, as well as our epic walk to the top of the highest mountain in Wales, Snowdon.  Which was personally challenging and rewarding.  A day I will treasure forever.

The retreat was very reasonably priced and I wouldn’t hesitate to attend another retreat or workshop with Natasha.  A shift undeniably took place for me.  I returned home lighter and brighter and continue to reflect on my time spent in Wales and with the group.  I know the group are there for me if I ever needed.  We made a unique connection – soul connection.

Thank you so much Natasha and everyone involved in making this retreat special, including young Bowden! "


J Hicks, North London




"The retreat Natasha ran in June 2016 was absolutely magical. She used a number of gentle, deep, and fun techniques to help us explore ourselves. I've never felt so in touch with nature and the natural way of life as I have during this retreat. Natasha held the group together beautifully, she has a real gift for this. I'd highly recommend her retreat to anyone who feels drawn to the type of teachings Natasha has to offer!"